Private Sales

Your Closing Ratios Will Soar with Our Private Sales Events

Organizing and promoting a private sale is a powerful relationship and loyalty marketing initiative reserved exclusively for your customers and their family members. With documented closing ratios as high as 73%, we’ve helped dealerships set sales records.

Create the Vortex Effect at Your Dealership

Private sales events are not just great for your bottom line- they’re essential for building and maintaining strong customer relationships. The increased traffic and urgency associated with the event creates a vortex effect. Your employees and event guests are caught up in a powerful area of concentrated energy where closing ratios reach new highs.

What Sets Private Sales Events Apart?
Everyone loves an exclusive offer. Private sales are exclusively for existing customers and their circle of family and friends. And we know that existing customers present the best opportunity for more business.
Why Private Sales Work So Well

Preferred pricing and no-haggling makes these events even more attractive and the short 2, 3 or 4-day time frame creates a sense of urgency that gets people thinking, “I better buy now.” There’s nothing more powerful than FOMO (fear of missing out).

When you work with Automotive Business Solutions, we also help with promotional materials including a high-impact invitation, and we work with you to execute an appointment blitz to make sure we leverage your database of current customers, prospects and people within your employees’ sphere of influence.

Private Sales Results. A True Story.

Record Setting Performance

The following are actual results achieved at our private sales events. They set the highest closing ratios attained by a dealership to date:

How We Help You Create a Successful Private Sales Event

We help plan and manage the event, allowing your sales associates and managers to focus on their priorities: presentations, demonstrations, appraisals and closing deals.

Before the Sale

We help with all of the logistics to set you up for sales success. We create a high impact invitation, supply a step-by-step event checklist and facilitate an orientation, training and motivational session for your people. A private sales event is a powerful tool. The motivational session gets your people ready to make the most of it. We also set up our proprietary, web-based software for your use before, during and after the event to track traffic and results.

During the Sale

We’re part host, and part event coordinator. We’ve planned and managed countless events and we’re pretty good at creating the fun, focused and energetic atmosphere that generates sales. We also coordinate the registration process, greet and pre-qualify guests, familiarize guests with special offers, and connect guests with sales consultants so no opportunities are missed.

After the Sale

We provide a full post-event report including all of the relevant statistics from the event so that you can follow up with no-shows or guests who did not buy at the event.

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