About Us

Founded in the year 2000, Automotive Business Solutions ® is a boutique agency with a reputation for helping automobile dealerships increase sales volume, profitability and customer satisfaction experience.

Proven Approaches that Sell More Cars

We believe that knowledge is power, and data is wealth; if you know what to do with it. Performance data may be a dealership's most valuable asset, but few are maximizing its economic benefit. Our APPROACH 360® Enterprise shows sales activities in real-time and is used throughout our various programs and initiatives to provide increases in sales volume, profitability, market share and customer satisfaction index (CSI).

We understand more than the car sales business; we understand people. By using a human- centric approach built on personal accountability, skills development and tracking performance metrics, we deliver measurable results and return on investment.

Our customers include dealer groups and independently owned dealerships that opt for unique products and services delivered in a professional, individualized and personalized way.

Our APPROACH 360® Enterprise shows sales activities in real time and is used throughout our various programs and initiatives to provide increases in:

  • Sales Volume
  • Profitability
  • Market Share
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • 50%
    Higher Closing Ratios
  • 24/7

John Latka

President & Lead Facilitator

An expert with over 30 years of sales and management experience, John managed dealerships in major markets including; Hamilton, Toronto (GTA), Ottawa and Halifax (HRM). Every dealership managed by John saw dramatic increases in sales volume and profitability which lead him to founding Automotive Business Solutions to help others do the same. He’s described as a natural multi-tasker with an enthusiastic communication style that thinks outside of the box and sees the big picture when setting strategies.

Mobilizing people and resources while holding them accountable and assertively resolving issues is one of his many strengths.

With an uncanny ability to sell new ideas to your team, John can motivate them to achieve goals through his understanding of concerns and feelings surrounding change initiatives.

Rick Gregg

Director of Business Development

Rick has over 30 years of retail automotive experience, including; sales, finance and insurance, and sales management at both import and domestic dealerships. He has worked for independent family-owned dealerships as well as large and small dealer groups.

He is passionate about the automotive industry and his most recent experience spans 11 years as a General Sales Manager. During his tenure, Rick led his team to achieve record setting sales volumes.

He has been honoured with numerous awards and designations for excellence in sales, F & I and sales management at both the dealership and manufacturer's levels.

Rick is a talented and creative individual with highly developed analytical skills. He is persistant and does very well in helping solve complex problems and situations. He is assertive, organized and detail conscious which allows him to accomplish any assigned tasks using rationale, logic and a bottom-line approach.

He is very outgoing, engaging, has a great sense of humor and the persuasive ability to motivate people in achieving their potential.