Perfect Your Hiring Process With Our 1-Day Human Resources Workshop

Bad hires are expensive. Our 1-Day HR Workshop helps minimize employee turnover by introducing you to a proven process for attracting and retaining quality people. We’ll teach you how to avoid the four most common hiring mistakes – hiring quickly out of desperation, hiring someone after just one interview with one person, overselling the position’s earning potential, and not trying to impress the recruit. If you’re part of the hiring process at your dealership, then this is the program for you.

What Will I Learn in the Workshop?

You’d be surprised how much we can accomplish in a day. Our HR workshop covers all the critical functions of the hiring process including:

Learn how to write an effective employment ad, what to look for on resumes, the ideal number of interviews and types of questions, the value of personality assessments and how to conduct reference checks.

We’ll teach you the best way to introduce new people to your dealership and what’s expected of them. Topics covered include the employee handbook, job descriptions, pay plans, processes, policies and procedures, performance standards and performance appraisals.

Retention and Development
We’ll show you the best practices to enable employee development and boost employee retention including direct skills training, coaching, counseling and mentoring. We also provide optional ongoing support if you need it.

What’s Included

We provide all instructional materials including a comprehensive workbook that contains outlines, templates, checklists and other useful resources to help you on a daily basis. Course materials also include easy to understand infographics. All attendees who complete the workshop also receive a framed certificate of accomplishment.

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