Perfect Your HR Process With Our 1-Day Human Resources Workshop

Bad hires are expensive. Our 1-Day HR Workshop helps minimize employee turnover by introducing you to a proven process for attracting and retaining quality people. We’ll teach you how to avoid the four most common hiring mistakes – hiring quickly out of desperation, hiring someone after just one interview with one person, overselling the position’s earning potential, and not trying to impress the recruit. If you’re part of the hiring process at your dealership, then this is the program for you.

Approach 360® HR - Human Resources Workshop

A unique and proven solution that focuses on the elements of the HR Process from recruiting to retaining.

Attendees will learn how to increase productivity while also enhancing employee engagement and retention with the most up to date information on best practices.

In today's turbulent economic landscape, it's more important than ever to hire top talent, as well as engage and retain experienced employees within your business.

Why Attend?

The average turnover rate at a dealership can be as high as 60% in the sales department. Learn how to overcome the struggles and decrease the financial burden associated with each element of the HR process.

Attendees will be better equipped to align and balance, people, process, technology, culture and ongoing support; lending itself to employee engagement, continuous improvement, accountability and retention. Not to mention improvements in operational efficiency and increased sales.

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Recruit, train and retain high-performance people. Let’s talk about how our 1-Day HR Workshop can make all the difference in helping you hire the right people to dramatically increase sales success.

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