Performance Management Workshop

Approach 360® Performance Management is a unique and proven solution that focuses on behavior goals, outcome goals and performance specific analytics to drive increased sales. Attendees will learn how to turn monthly projections into commitments and create an environment of continuous improvement where sales consultants have the resources and supports to not only meet – but exceed their target projections.

Enter your data and see your potential gross profit increase.

Average Gross Profit per Unit (New & Used: Front & Back)
Number of Sales Consultants
Volume Increase per Sales Consultant per Month
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Why Attend?

  • Depending on the number of sales consultants in your organization, you can increase your gross profit by tens or hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars!
  • Approach 360 Performance Management helps dealerships build dynamic and diverse teams that value a culture of continuous improvement through tracking, training, coaching and mentoring.
  • This proven strategy to increase sales is simple, easy to implement and has a history of proven results.

Workship Overview
Statistics and ratios
Performance reviews
7 Deadly sins of performance management
5 principals of performance management
5 components of employee engagement
4 elements of continuous performance management
4 case studies
Building a strong performance management system
Psycho metric assessments - know your players
Setting performance standards
Tracking the critical few - Key performance indicators
Daily, weekly and monthly routines
Team sales meetings
Implementation - Managing the change - inform, inspire, reinforce

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