By Appointment Seminar

A Better Way to Sell™

Our By Appointment Seminar teaches you how to build a professional “by appointment” culture and the required steps for setting appointments and generating referrals. You’d be amazed at what setting just 3 more appointments per week can do.

How Our By Appointment Seminar Works

Not only do we show attendees how to set more appointments; we share insights into how to improve show ratios and increase closing ratios. We also focus on leveraging appointments to generate new leads through referrals.

Topics Covered

We start with an overview of appointment selling and how to get the most from this powerful sales tool including reviewing relevant statistics, how to improve your odds and how to improve closing ratios. We also cover the benefits of using the by appointment approach for sales associates and the prospective customer.

Next, we dive into sources of appointments, how to identify high gain opportunities, how to set and keep more appointments, and how to overcome common objections your prospect may have.

We also focus on communication skills, giving you the knowledge to be more effective with your telephone and email communications. Included in the course is a series of 10 powerful and persuasive scripts to use during by appointment selling.

Learning Method

The small group nature of our training seminars and workshops ensures that every participant has a chance to engage in the discussion and learning process. The By Appointment – a better way to sell Seminar integrates lectures, group discussions, PowerPoint presentations, case studies and a Q&A session.

More Appointments + More Referrals = More Success

We've helped dealers set and close thousands of appointments based on the unassailable 3:2:1 ratio. For every 3 appointments made, 2 will show and 1 will buy. Just 3 more appointments per week could result in an additional 50 sales per year. That’s some inspiring math. And we teach you how to do it.

What’s Included

We provide all instructional materials including an in-depth workbook and a 2-page laminated copy of the sales process and performance standards for easy reference. Upon completion, participants will be presented with a framed certificate of accomplishment.

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Backed by the Best Guarantee in the Business

We have a proven track record of turning people into top performers. Plus, our training programs come with the best guarantee in the business – If an attendee is terminated or quits within 90 days of course completion, we’ll train their replacement for FREE. Let’s talk about how our 2-Day Sales Process workshop can help achieve your full potential. Let’s talk about By Appointment – a better way to sell™.

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