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We've Proven That Dramatic Increases in Sales Volume is Attainable.

To help drive results, our proprietary Approach 360® – Performance Management Software pinpoints improvement opportunities for needs specific skills training, coaching, mentoring and counseling.

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How the Performance Management Partnership Works

Our approach takes performance management to a whole new level with a web-based application designed to enhance the customer and employee experience by focusing on and tracking critical Key Performance Indicators within the sales process.

At the heart of the program is our Approach 360® platform that allows managers and sales people to set performance goals and be accountable for achieving them, track progress and identify what’s working and what needs to be improved. With the data from our system, it’s easy to understand where sales people are getting stuck or falling off track. With those insights, we initiate needs specific skills training, coaching, mentoring and counseling. We then help you implement the necessary steps to correct the issues and help your sales process run like a well-oiled machine.

The Performance Management Partnership Solves Common Business Challenges
Lack of a formal sales process.
Performance Management standardizes the sales process, eliminating “winging it” and making it simple for all sales associates to follow the same proven success plan.
Poor sales performance.
Tracking progress against goals and regular performance evaluations are built into the Performance Management Partnership.
Limited progress tracking.
Numbers don’t lie. Approach 360® Performance Analytics makes it simple to consistently track individual and team progress with 24/7 real-time access to detailed performance data.
Lack of minimum standards.
Performance Management clearly defines minimum standards and KIPs, taking the guesswork out of evaluating where you stand.
Lack of coaching, training and support.
The Performance Analytics data helps you get to the root cause of performance issues. Maybe one person struggles with closing or another falls short on turning people who leave without buying into appointments. When we identify where the focus needs to be, we’ll work with you through ongoing coaching, training and support to implement the right fixes.

Our Shared Goal

Achieve the highest possible sales volumes and closing ratios that drives market share and the bottom line.

What We Do

But how are we able to provide such incredible results? We have a combination of reliable process, precise analytics suite and strong support system which ensures you meet all of your sales targets.

The Performance Management Partnership Package Includes
Pre-launch Setup (on-site or remote)
We meet with you to review the program and work with you to define and set the all-important performance standards and KPIs. Then we set up the Approach 360® Enterprise cloud-based software and ensure everything is ready to go. All work can be done on-site or remotely. Whatever works best for you.
In-house Launch (on-site or remote)
We facilitate a kickoff session for your team. The session includes an introduction to Approach 360® Sales Process, Approach 360 Enterprise® software orientation, training for managers and sales people, and a review of the performance standards and KPIs.
Ongoing Support (on-site or remote)
We don’t sell you a program and run. Our program includes weekly progress reviews with management and monthly review meetings with management and sales people. The Performance Management Partnership isn’t a “one and done” kind of thing. That’s why we share our perspectives and observations and make recommendations to continuously improve and raise the bar on sales achievement and growth.

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