By Appointment Seminar

A Better Way to Sell

The essence of our By Appointment – a better way to sell™ Seminar is to promote a more professional “by appointment” culture and focus on setting minimum performance standards and requisite steps in setting appointments and generating referrals.

Topics and Methodology

Not only do we show attendees how to set more appointments; we share insights into how to improve show rates and increase closing ratios. Maximum value is realized when all sales department related employees attend our sessions. In-House of Off-Site options are available.

Appointment Module Topics
Relevant Statistics
How to Improve Your Odds
How to Improve Your Closing Ratios
Benefits for the Sales Consultants
Benefits for the Prospective Customer
Sources of Appointments
How to Identify High Gain Opportunities
How to Set and Keep Appointments
How to Overcome Most Common Objections
Telephone Communication Skills
Email Communication Skills
10 Powerful Scripts to Use
Group Discussions
Motivational DVD’s
Case Studies
Q & A Session

We've Helped Dealers

Set and close thousands of appointments

Based on the unassailable ratio of 3:2:1 - for every 3 appointments made, 2 will show and 1 will buy - imagine the increase in sales volume when each sales consultant makes just 3 more appointments per week!

Seminar Includes:

Each attendee of the "By Appointment - A Better Way to Sell" Seminar will receive:

Framed Certificate of Achievement
Rack Cards
10 Word Scripts

Take the first step to improving your business

From record setting sales volumes to closing rates as high as 73%, we have helped businesses achieve their sales potential. Get in touch with us to start improving your business today.

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