2-Day Sales Process Workshop

Reinforcement + Measurement

The goal of this workshop is to help you align your sales process with the prospect’s buying process so you can be more efficient and effective which will yield a better customer service experience and higher sales volumes. Imagine the increase in sales volume if each sales rep was more efficient and effective within their sales process!

Your Sales Reps Will:

  • Implement a proven process
  • Identify customer decision criteria
  • Enhance presentations and demonstrations
  • Deliver outstanding customer service and experience
  • Raise the bar on performance standards

Sales Process

Imagine... the increase in sales volume if each automotive sales rep was more efficient and effective within their sales process!

Seminar Specifics

Highlights of Topics
Elements of Training
Levels of Learning and Skill Development
What Customers Hate
Why Customers Quit
Reasons Why People Don’t Buy
Relevant Statistics
Sources of Opportunities
Value vs. Price
Meeting and Greeting
Needs Assessment and Selection
Presentation and Demonstration
Facility Tour and Trade-Appraisal
Presenting the Proposal
Closing and Negotiating
Business Office Turnover
Building the Relationship
Daily Routines and Performance Standards
Group Discussions
Motivational DVD’s
Case Studies
Daily Review and Discussions
Framed Certificate of Accomplishment
2 Page laminated copy of Sales Process and Performance Standards

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