Accountability Partnership

Achieve sales volumes once thought to be impossible

An accountability partnership program that integrates strategic consulting and software to increase your sales volume, market share and customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our approach takes management by results to a whole new level with a web-based application designed to enhance the customer experience by focusing on and tracking Critical Key Performance Indicators within the sales process.

Common Issues Steps to Accountability
Lack of formal sales process or adherence Simplified Sales Process
Poor sales performance Performance and Progress Reviews
Limited progress tracking Showroom Analytics
Lack of minimum standards Set minimum standards and KPIs
Lack of coaching, training, and support On-Going coaching training, and support

Our Shared Goal

Achieve higher sales volumes and closing ratios along with increased market share and customer satisfaction.

What We Do

How are we able to provide such incredible results? We offer a combination of proven processes, precise analytics and a support system which enables you to meet or exceed your sales projections.

Initial Set Up
Set up Approach 360 Enterprise web-based software®
Set performance standards and KPIs
In House Launch
Facilitate Kick-off Meeting
Introduce Approach 360® Simple Sales Process
Approach 360 Enterprise® software orientation and training
Review performance standards and KPIs
Ongoing Support
Review weekly progress with management
Facilitate monthly on-site Sales/Motivational Meeting
Motivate, coach, counsel team/individuals as necessary
Review/critique progress
Share observations/perspectives
Make recommendations

Take the first step to improving your business

From record setting sales volumes to closing rates as high as 73%, we have helped businesses achieve their sales potential. Get in touch with us to start improving your business today.

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