Approach 360 Enterprise CRM – SAAS (Software as a Service)

Remember Moneyball? It was a game changer! The true story of how the Oakland A’s used data and statistical analysis to identify opportunities and build a winning baseball team.

And now we have a game changer developed specifically for the Automotive Industry: Approach 360® Enterprise CRM – Software as a Service. It takes Showroom Analytics to a whole new level. Cloud-based and scalable, it provides detailed real-time data on individual and group performance against pre-defined and trackable minimum standards tied to Key Performance Indicators. Finally, you can manage what your measure with ease.

Top Performing Dealer

Understanding sales culture, our CRM is simple, not complicated. Our goal is to help you achieve closing ratios of 50% plus. Just think of what it would mean if every sales consultant sold just 2 more vehicles per month? “Onesies and twosies” seem like a small number. But add them up per consultant per month and the increase in market share and bottom line can be very dramatic: especially for dealer groups and OEM’s.

  • Cloud based – no new servers or other equipment to install or maintain.
  • Scalable to enterprises of any size from individual dealers to groups and OEMs.
  • Simple, user-friendly graphical interface. Uncomplicated compared to others.
  • Detailed real-time reporting with ability to sort, filter and drill down.
  • Responsive design allows 24/7 access for users on any Internet connected device.
  • One monthly fee covers all your people – add as you grow without additional cost.
  • Volume discounts for multiple dealerships within a group and OEM’s.
  • Includes setup and 1-day in dealership staff orientation and training.
  • Custom, expert data analysis and consulting available.

Please reach out to us for more information or to schedule a demonstration.