Pay Plan

Research has shown that commission-based pay plans lend themselves to a turnover rate of 40 percent within 90 days of hire. Sales people are either terminated or quit as a result of low income.

We’ve designed a Pay Plan specifically to attract, keep and develop new recruits.

  • Our plan rewards consultants for activities performed in prospecting for customers and activities completed within the sales process.
  • Bonuses are paid on meeting and/or exceeding minimum standards along with volume tiers set by the dealership.
  • A flat fee is paid for every vehicle sold which eliminates sales consultants trying to push the vehicle with the biggest commission, or bypassing that which may pay them the least.
  • Sales consultants can see what they’ve earned and how they earned it by simply clicking the Pay Plan button on the Dashboard in our Approach 360® Enterprise – Accountability Software.
  • For payroll purposes, management simply chooses the date range and prints the report.